Jonathan Perazzo, Esq.

Attorney Jonathan Perazzo, Esq. is the founder at The Perazzo Law Firm, P.A., and supervises the Bodily Injury and PIP divisions of the firm. Mr. Perazzo has experience handling cases involving a large variety of both civil and criminal proceedings. During his career, Mr. Perazzo has handled several high-profile media cases and overseen over 600 Bodily injury matters and 1,500 PIP suits.

Mr. Perazzo has appeared before the Miami-Dade County and District Courts as well as the, Broward County Court, Lee County Court, Stuart County Court, and the Los Angeles Superior Court, in addition to the Southern District of Florida Federal Court.

Mr. Perazzo began his career as an intern at the Miami-Dade County Public Defender’s Office and worked at the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s office. Prior to receiving his juris doctorate, Mr. Perazzo spent nearly fifteen years working for Girosol Corp., a multinational money transfer company dedicated to serving the immigrant community. After many years of service, Mr. Perazzo continues to act as outside counsel and provides Anti-Money Laundering guidance and support.

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